Stomach Things


I am a picky, snobbish (some would say) lover of food, I normally say “I eat everything”, but you will sometimes find me picking some things off my plate.

Hubby… he definitely eats everything!

Review: The Black Horse Brewery 🐴

Black Horse is an acclaimed brewery located in Magaliesburg in Gauteng. Sean and I happened to see their sign while on our anniversary weekend away while driving towards the Magalies Meander. This extraordinary restaurant has many layers attached to it, they are not just your normal restaurants. They do the following; The restaurant brews their…

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Review: TJ Billies 🤤

Do you fancy a bit of Southern fried chicken? Or chicken wings glazed with coke? Or a pink panty dropper cocktail to go with your meal? 🍗🍗 You can get all that at the best traditional smokehouse in Mzansi, TJ Billies. Located north of Johannesburg is a little slice of the American BBQ heaven. I…

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If roses are red 🌹

❤ Happy belated Valentines Day! ❤ Roses are red, Violets are blue How about a cheap dinner for 2 As we chill in the car 🤷 So it’s February the 15th and we all survived the day of Love. If you were single before and have gained a special someone congrats to you, hope ya’ll…

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Yamakado – Review

Hello everybody, Sanibonani, BonJour and welcome back to our website.   The Watkai and very good friends of ours Shaun and Jenny (who are recently married) went to a Japanese restaurant for all you can eat sushi.   We have been to this place before and decided to come back and actually review the place and…

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