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“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

Love 💖and cash money 💸

💖 Love is in the air and wallets are ringing cashless. I don’t know if people have noticed how expensive things are on Valentine’s Day? Seriously how can a teddy bear that usually costs R80 on a normal day, cost R 250 on Valentine’s Day? Or go into a restaurant and all they’re serving is…

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He “loves Me” – He “loves me Not” 😍

Will you be my valentine? 💓 Those are words that I have NEVER heard being said to me, yet desired. Being young and in school, I always felt forced to take part in the valentines day / (week) festivities. Knowing that valentine’s day is coming up (because I was constantly being reminded by the grade 11…

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The student life struggle 🙄

Should I study or should I workout? I mean who wants to do any of that especially during the holidays? The struggle is so real for me right now. After writing my final exams last year October and November I received my results and found out that I had to write a supplementary exam (because…

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Who are the Watkai?

Who are we? Hello Everybody, Sanibonani, Bonjour and welcome to our blog. Hope you are all having a good day and week. So now that the secret is out I just wanted to officially introduce ourselves and let you know what our plan and vision is for our blog and vlogs. Firstly, I think pretty…

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