I am a stubborn, introverted, over-thinker. I enjoy eating and making food. I love fitness training & reading soppy romance novels.

In February 2015 I married a gentle giant who is a lover of sci-fi, fantasy and all things code. We are on a journey & believe we are called to something greater!

We are still alive!! 💃🕺

Hello everyone, Sanibonani, BonJour and welcome back to our blog. It has been a minute and a half since I have spoken to everyone. As you, all know hubby and I moved to Canada! We have been here for 3 weeks now and are slowly settling in. The first 2 weeks of being here were…

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Introducing myself has always been something that is so awkward for me. What do you say after saying, “Hello, I’m Mrs. Watkins? Nice to meet you”? I really don’t do well with introductions or small talk in general. I always find talking about the weather or how good my food is, are all things that…

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