Teary eyes & snotty noses 😭🀧

The only other day I cried as much as I did when we were at the airport saying goodbye to our friends and family was on my wedding day.

When my sister passed away, I cried but not enough. I’m not sure why because I kinda expected the tears to stream nonstop. 😭🀧😭🀧

However, I have come to learn that death is a very weird thing to process. For some, the grieving stages happen all at once, for others they happen over an extended time but over and over. But, that is a topic for another day.Β 

We decided to have a farewell and birthday celebration on the day before our departure (because the day we were scheduled to leave was my birthday) so we invited our friends and family to a small get together for the last supper.

Yes, there were tears, lots of love and tears. It’s true what they say that you attract people that you see in yourself. Sean and I love deeply, our friends are literally our family and because we didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, we have held on tight to the ones we have.

The last supper was a time of intimate worship between everyone, people from all walks of life came together to celebrate each other.

It was beautiful and just us. Sunday morning we met up again at the airport for breakfast because we literally can’t get enough of each other. More tears were cried at the airport than at the last supper.Β πŸ’“

Saying goodbye to friends and family is never easy. Sean and I have embarked on this journey fully aware that we are leaving everything we know behind and stepping out of our comfort zone into the unknown. If only we could pack up our friends and family and take them all with us, but that would be too easy, because they would be with us every step of the way and we wouldn’t have to shed tears and miss them back home.

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