Be still and know… ❤️️

Bridge 1

Your love surrounds me

When my thoughts wage war

When night screams terror

There Your voice will roar

Come death or shadow

God I know Your light will meet me there

When fear comes knocking

There You’ll be my guard

When day breeds trouble

There You’ll hold my heart

Come storm or battle

God I know Your peace will meet me there



Bridge 2

Oh, be still my heart

And know that You are God

Oh fear no evil

For I know You are here

And my soul will know Your…

Songwriters: Dylan Thomas / Joel Houston / Matt Crocker
Prince of Peace lyrics © Capitol Christian Music Group

I have listened to this song over and over again, for every season, every valley, every mountain that I walked through. This song restored something within me that I never knew was broken. This song renewed a new level of faith in me, breathed a new spiritual power I never knew I needed for the next assignment in my life.

The Lord has BEEN taking me on a journey of really gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be still and know that He is God!

I went through a season where I had to tap into a deeper level of spiritual understanding of what the spirit of God meant to me, what being in His presence did for my soul, what hearing His voice meant.

I was so desperate for a touch from Christ a touch of restoration, peace, love, and forgiveness, yet I was so tired, so weary to reach for it. But how does one be still, how do you not be anxious about anything, not worry, not lose sleep over something that is pulling at your attention, threatening to steal your sleep, joy, and strength. The Lord commands us to be still, silence our thoughts to His presence in the situations, to still our minds to His word at work.

The Lord then showed me an image of myself laying down, under a tree that was changing in seasons – some leaves were green, some were a beautiful orange, some red, some crisp brown lightly falling as I lay beside still waters on soft green grass. As the leaves fell the birds came and covered me with those leaves.

At that moment I realised that it is possible to be still. All Christ wanted me to do was to allow Him to do what He knows best: which is to protect, love, provide, lead and give me rest. Which is what I needed.

As much as I wanted to just keep going because hubby needed me to be strong because work needed me to be with it because my mother required me to have it together. I didn’t realise that I just needed to be, I needed rest but only the kind of rest that Christ offered, it didn’t look like what I expected but it is what I needed.

Peace comes when we literally fix our eyes on Christ (through His word) rather than focus on the uncertainty of circumstances.


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