Letters to mini me 📝

Dear Thandi,

Not knowing what to do with your life is normal. You are not the only person who will struggle with what you want to study or what industry you should get into… Trust me.

I know you are probably stressing and looking at everyone around you to see if they MIGHT have something solid and promising but they are just as lost and confused as you are (or have overbearing parents.)

Don’t study anything with numbers, that BCOMPT (Bachelors of Commerce in Accounting) girl REALLY?!? Don’t do it, we both know that you will drop advanced Mathematics and take Mathematical Literacy in high school, you will drop Accounting for Business Studies and you will take Geography instead of History (still not sure why you did that??)

You thought high school was bad, being an adult is worse.  But it’s a serious adventure 😊 You will miss falling asleep on the couch and waking up in your bed because ain’t no one gonna be carrying you to bed – unless you marry a big man 😀 (hahahahahaha he still won’t carry you to bed)

I wish I told you this earlier, but make friends, don’t be shy, don’t hide that gap in your teeth – once again you are not the only one with a gap girl, you will meet beautiful women when you start working with gaps just like yours, even a radio personality called Anele – I think her gap is bigger than yours 😉.

Build lasting friendships if you can bring yourself to trust people. Don’t build that wall that no one can break because of how he hurt you.

Learn to love easily and learn to trust quickly. At the end of the day remember they are all humans, they are all broken just like you and all seeking something from somewhere.

Also, girl stick to playing netball right up till matric, carry on swimming, carry on running athletics because staying fit when you are older is DIFFICULT! I am still trying to get rid of that “kangaroo pouch” 😊

Love (The now) Mrs. Watkins

P.S. YAAASSSS girl, you done gone and married a Caucasian man just like mom told you, you would! 😂😂

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