Review: The Black Horse Brewery 🐴

Black Horse is an acclaimed brewery located in Magaliesburg in Gauteng. Sean and I happened to see their sign while on our anniversary weekend away while driving towards the Magalies Meander.

This extraordinary restaurant has many layers attached to it, they are not just your normal restaurants. They do the following;

The restaurant brews their own craft beer onsite, which is done by one of South Africa’s youngest female brewers. To add to that they also distill their own vodka and gin. They have unique flavours of craft beer that we have never seen or tasted before (not that we are beer drinkers).

They have a very welcoming restaurant that overlooks onto a big, luxurious garden, filled with greens and radiant flowers. There is lots of space available for walks on the grass and you are able to bring your kids.

The black horse is a child-friendly restaurant that offers jungle gyms and trampolines for kids to enjoy themselves while parents are lounging on their couches watching the sunset.

On top of all that they are known for their elegant, picturesque weddings which take place on their Black Horse estate. You can choose from having a stunning indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding in their beautiful gardens.

Should you not wish to go home, you can make use of their online reservations and book yourself into one of their exquisite self-catering rooms or bed and breakfast rooms, and that can also be done on Airbnb.

And… to seal the deal on their menu you can order 9 tasters of their craft beers ranging from:

The food was to die for! We ordered vegetarian meals. Sean and I are always skeptical about ordering vegetarian from a restaurant because they just never get it right and the vegetarian meals are always limited.

But we were surprised by what we were offered.

Sean ordered Penne Pasta – in a creamy herbed Mushroom sauce with Sundried tomatoes.

Thandi ordered, a make your own pizza which was a tomato base with feta, rocket, and peppadews.

Honestly, it was a mouthwatering meal, that left us questioning what dessert had to offer. For dessert; Sean and I ordered a gourmet cookie and cream milkshake. It definitely was very creamy and filled with what tasted like brownie cookies.

Overall, we loved it and so excited that we stumbled upon this jewel of a place. Our ratings are as follows;

Food: 8/10 (purely because we didn’t order anything meaty – because meat goes a long way lol)

Service: 8/10

Drinks: 10/10 (they give you the option for the tasters, their cocktails are different)

Atmosphere: 10/10 (the gardens are beautiful and so peaceful, surrounded by lush green trees and bushes)

On average we give it 9/10.

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