🛤 Rough roads of Friendship 💁

Friendship is a word I don’t take lightly. Those who know me, know that they have a friend for life. Different from family love, which is not chosen but accepted, develops like moss on the slippery edges of a creek.

Friendship emerges, one-day acquaintance graduates into friendship. Love being the diploma. 💓

Growing up I never had people I could truly call my friends, friends who would be there for me, friends to do stupid things with and create memories with. Normally after high school, everyone goes their separate ways but there are those few friends that you keep in contact with because some sort of foundation has been built over the years.

The people who I thought were my friends just disappeared. Now being a young adult, having matured and gone through stuff I can look back and see the few that have been there, and still are beside me, are the ones I can call friends and family.

I have come to learn the hard way that having a lot of friends is actually not necessary, you need a few that you can open up to and those who are actually willing to do life with you.

Real relationships are hard work. Contouring your heart to beat with another requires extensive whittling to trim away self-centeredness and distrust. Every relationship undergoes adjustments. The reason one relationship becomes more valuable than another is in its ability to survive circumstances and endure realignment.

We never know how strong a relationship is until it is threatened. It takes a powerful bond to withstand the pressure and not be weakened by outside forces.

I have had a lot of relationships end because they were not strong enough, they left me a bit fragile because I thought we were strong, I thought we had a bond. But I have to believe that when someone shows you who they really are, believe them!

What does a being or having a friend mean to me?

  • A true friend is one who stands by you, honouring and affirming you, your marriage and family
  • A friend should desire to see you prosper in your dreams, marriage, finances, health, and relationship with God
  • A true friend prays you through no matter what
  • A true friend is one who will get into trouble with you (we don’t endorse this though) rebuke you, cry with you and still love on you
  • A true friend is one who has committed to stay no matter how difficult the road is and celebrate with you

It is only now that I can confidently say that I have found that. A friendship that has stood the test of time. A true friend is one of the best gifts God will ever give you, cherish them for such a time as this.


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