If roses are red 🌹

❤ Happy belated Valentines Day! ❤

Roses are red, Violets are blue

How about a cheap dinner for 2

As we chill in the car 🤷

So it’s February the 15th and we all survived the day of Love.

If you were single before and have gained a special someone congrats to you, hope ya’ll got together for the right reasons.

For those of you who got dumped or heartbroken, I am genuinely sorry for whatever the reason was for separating, just know it’s not the end of the world, you will be okay. Have yourself a cup of tea, a tub of ice cream cry yourself silly, get the word of the Lord into your situation and know that tomorrow is a new day to pick yourself up and keep on keeping on. 😊

For all my married folks, 😉 I hope ya’ll had an exciting evening. Ladies, I pray you sent your husbands into cardiac arrests while wearing some sexy underwear.

What did Sean and I get up to on V-day? We decided to go out for dinner. Did I dress up? No. Did I put makeup on? No. We went around the corner from our house a roadhouse called Kota Joe.

We ordered 2 racks of ribs with chips to share, (I mean who eats ribs on a date) 🤷 and a chicken burger with chips and 1-liter strawberry and a chocolate milkshake that we shared for dessert.

Was it romantic? Not the way that society has portrayed romance to be, candlelit dinner and the whole shebang. We thought it was amazing. We sat in the car talked about our day, how excited we are about the move and the fact that there were other couples at the roadhouse doing the exact same thing we were doing.

Overall the food was amazing, we ate too much as always. I even got a heart balloon for free from Kota Joe. We took our leftovers and went home to watch series. Honestly the best evening ever. Why, because it doesn’t matter where we go, how much we spend as long as we are doing it together 😍


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