We don’t have Syphilis!

The Canadian Medical process 🤒

Just so you know it’s been really awkward and difficult for hubby and me to actually get anything done that is Canada related because as much as our close friends and family knew we were going through this, and possibly moving at the beginning of the new year, our bosses didn’t know.

Hubby had to go for the IELTS test (an English speaking, writing, listening and reading test) of which the speaking part of the test was during the week. I had to go apply and collect my new passport, which had to be done during the week because they don’t open on weekends.

We needed to get criminal record checks done, twice, and the police offices close at 3pm in the afternoon. So let’s just say long lunch hours and a lot of half days were taken.

Anyway, one Friday sometime in October we took a half day and had to get our medicals done.

One of the requirements for the temporary work permit for Canada is the medical process.

On arrival, we had documents to fill in and passports to copy. Once that was done we were presented with cups that we had to fill with urine.

We met with a nurse who took our height, weight and blood pressure.Got taken to another lady who did the chest x-rays for TB. Then we got to see the doctor who took us through a brief overview of our x-ray results and he proceeded to do eye tests and other joint tests. 

The last test we did was a blood test. Just so you know I don’t do well when it comes to blood or needles, it’s probably the worst thing you could ask me to do.

When we got to this stage I had a lot of questions that no one could answer. The blood that was taken was going to be tested for HIV and Syphilis. 💉💊

Erm… HIV I understand, but syphilis really? Why?

I feel like there are a lot more Serious STD’s than syphilis.

At this point I am thinking is there a dormant kind of syphilis that I didn’t know about? Why would they test for that specifically?

2 weeks later results came in and guess what we don’t have Syphilis!


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