The student life struggle 🙄

Should I study or should I workout? I mean who wants to do any of that especially during the holidays?

The struggle is so real for me right now. After writing my final exams last year October and November I received my results and found out that I had to write a supplementary exam (because I didn’t do well enough in the actual exam). It is honestly the university’s way of saying, “nice try, you did badly but we will give you another chance to redeem yourself”

Funnily enough, the day I actually wrote this particular exam I knew either, I would get a supp or fail! Have you ever prepared for an exam, given your all and walked into an exam center thinking you are going to ace this!? Then when you open your exam question paper you have no idea what is going on and there are questions that you didn’t even know existed in the textbook? I mean really. 😳

Yup, that was me, I actually remember finishing the exam in the first hour and walking out praying that The Lord would give me a chance to write it again. Which I did. Thank God! But that meant I had to study during the December holidays. While everyone was going out, eating copious amounts of food and partying to all hours of the morning, I had to do at least a chapter a week to get through the whole textbook.

Point to all this is, no one goes to the gym in December or over the festive season. The challenge mainly is to see how much food we can eat at people’s houses and we will worry about the gym in January. Have you seen how full the gym is in January?

Another thing is no ones wants to study in December either. That is definitely the last thing on anyone’s mind because everyone is trying to forget the terrible year they had anyway. All I wanted to do was, eat food, drink a glass of wine here and there and watch soppy Christmas romance movies.

In order for me to actually get any studying done what I did was the following.

Firstly I combined the 2 things that no one thinks of doing in December. For every question or section that I got right in my revision, I rewarded myself with a workout. I managed to get through a set of crunches, lunges, squats, and push-ups. 😂

It sounds ridiculous but I had to come up with something that would motivate me and keep me going in order for me to see the end goal. We won’t always get things right the first time but at the end of the day we do have a choice – we always have a choice to pick ourselves up (sometimes even literally) and keep on going.

I have been studying for the past 10 years and always got discouraged whenever I saw my peers graduating with degrees and masters and doing what they loved and I was still going at it. I am not the most academic person – actually a slow learner but I never gave up! 😊 

I am completing my course this year finally and encourage you all who are a bit behind 😊keep going, I am not going to say it’ll get easier because it won’t but you can do it, because greater is HE that is within you, than he that is of the world! The reward is worth it!

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