America to Canada – Part 3

Why VanCity got us all excited and why it’s the greatest place to stay in.


  1. Listed among the top 10 cities to live in, in the world
  2. Got the most breathtaking scenery
  3. Stable economy and political stance
  4. It’s Safe
  5. And of course good coffee and AMAZING FOOD PLACES


I found all of this from my research on Vancouver from various sources. I must say number 5 is probably our favourite. This the reason we started blogging, because we are huge food lovers and enjoy trying new things, so the main purpose of the blog will be food related.

At this point, the immigration lawyers had contacted us and told us they will be sending us an immigration pack – PIK (personal immigration pack) which basically told us every document we needed for this process and more.

Where are we in the process? In my mind, I thought we were quite far in, but looking at the bigger picture we were just beginning.

At this point the excitement was beginning to mount, we hadn’t gotten this far with the American visa process because everything was done for us, now that we had the opportunity to contribute to the process.

Part of the Canadian immigration process the following needed to done:

  • English tests needed to be done
  • New passports had to be applied for (your passport had to be valid for longer than the visa’s expiration dates
  • Police clearances had to be requested – twice
  • References need to done from previous and current employers

So the drama and stress of doing administration began… I mean we all just love ADMIN.

Fast forwarding…

2017 went by so fast, from when the immigration process for Canada started to when the consulate lets us know via our immigration lawyer, based in Toronto, that they had made a decision and would like us to deliver our passports, literally took 6 months.

In our opinion, it was a short process, stressful but short, and now we have booked our one-way tickets to Vancouver and are leaving at the end March.

Once again this reminded me of how awesome God is. He makes things whole, and will bring everything that happens in our lives full circle!

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