America to Canada – Part 2

Following up on the previous blog. A few months later we received a call from the recruiters with other options of where we can go.

Just a side note, this could only be God. How many chances, opportunities and processes would you give and go through just to get someone from South Africa to come work for your company and this all costs money. 🙄

The options we were given now that America had fallen through were London, Luxembourg, Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario.

  • Vancouver – This was one of the initial options we were given, and we weren’t really convinced due to lack of research and information 
  • Toronto – That sounded a little more appealing. It’s a big city but we didn’t realise how cold it was. Lawd have mercy. 
  • London – wasn’t really an option at the time because they were going through some hectic stuff at that time and we just weren’t keen on it 
  • Luxembourg – really, they have a population of about  590,667 They don’t even have English as a first language

Initially, we were offered Vancouver which we were doubtful of but soon after we were advised to rather move to Toronto. We agreed and the recruiters started the process and mentioned that we would hear from them soon. 3 weeks later we had heard nothing.

When they eventually got back us they advised that there were no positions available in Toronto so we should go to Vancouver. I think at this point we were just grateful to still be considered. 

It’s funny how we think God has forgotten. That’s how I felt and of course, I decided a week of fasting and praying had to happen. Only to have the spirit of God tell me that His timing is always perfect. 

After a month, we heard from them and they had a few openings in Vancouver. 

Patience is not one of my stronger qualities but God was teaching me just that. Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit that most of us lack and one thing I have come to learn is that it grows under trial. I do most things myself because I battle to trust people and think they can’t do it as well as me etc. I am still on a journey of restoration and surrender.

Part 3 of the blog is the last one and basically sums up how we got to the exciting penultimate chapter of our journey to Canada.

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