Who are the Watkai?

Who are we?

Hello Everybody, Sanibonani, Bonjour and welcome to our blog.

Hope you are all having a good day and week.

So now that the secret is out I just wanted to officially introduce ourselves and let you know what our plan and vision is for our blog and vlogs.

Firstly, I think pretty much the same as everyone who has a blog out there, I started because I have been wanting to start one for some time now– I actually did start one in high school (grade 10 I think) wrote one post didn’t publish it or anything else, and 10 years later here we are!

So this is my second attempt at doing this. Hoping that it works out better. I have pages upon pages of planning and brainstorming and I feel a lot more prepared this time.

The heart of the blog is to literally share our thoughts, experiences and our journey. I know that one day we will write books but can we please start small 😊

As I mentioned in the intro I am a Christian and love the Lord, I believe in the local church and my passion lies with women. I have had a heart for women for the longest time, and believe if we all come together we would be a force to be reckoned with. I believe that it is such an amazing time to be alive. Yes, the world seems to be losing its mind but one thing that will never change is the strength we as women gain from standing together for such a time as this! 

Sean is very passionate about education, healthcare, women empowerment and specifically how tech can improve these areas of life.

Having said all that we are not here to bible bash, bombard or start calling altar calls hahaha, but we would like you all to know that this is a safe place to share stories, to vent, to pray and laugh together. We are still human, we do mess up, make mistakes and I still LOVE fashion, doing my nails, my hair and having a glass of wine here and there. Sean enjoys gaming, reading, writing, watching series and all things code.

Our testimonies, our lifestyle, the way we do things and deal with things will be the one thing that will hopefully lead you to know and understand the deep, strong and breathtaking kind of love that I have encountered through Christ 😊

ALSO… Hubby and I will be starting a vlog channel on YouTube, YAY! Just to let you into our crazy, beautiful interracial life, where you can see just how opposite and unapologetic we really are. There will also be a few blogs that hubby and I do together.

So I really hope you’ll stick around for the journey. It will be real, exciting and just us being who we have been called to be 😊

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