Sssshhhh… It’s a secret

OMGeeeeeeee everyone! It has been a year and one month since we started this journey and have had to keep it a secret, some friends and family knew, but we couldn’t really talk about it at work because telling your boss that you MIGHT be leaving is just not an option.

Why is that though, why can’t we have an open discussion with our managers that there might be something better for me elsewhere and as much as I have loved working where I am, that place is able to get me where I would like to be?

Anyway, I got sidetracked there, but this will definitely be a topic to write about soon.

Sean and I got confirmation this week that we are immigrating to CANADA!!


Finally, feels so good to share all this news with you. The reason we started our blog site was to be able to share our journey and still keep in contact with friends and family once we had left, but we couldn’t post much until the right people knew first.

Our prayers were heard. I am so excited to share this with you as we both step into purpose and promise!

Now that everyone knows and the countdown begins. Watch out Canada the Watkai are coming!


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