2017 /riːˈkap

Hello everybody, Sanibonani, BonJour

Welcome back to my blog. If it is your first time welcome to The Watkins Empire this is where we share our life and journey with you.

2017 was an eye-opening year for me. It was a good, a bad and frustrating year all in one.  I learned a lot about myself in terms of what I can handle emotionally and spiritually. There is a saying that, “The Lord will never give us something we can’t handle” and let’s just say I was completely shocked at my own strength and honoured that the Lord would give me such hectic situations to go through because it really left me in a position where I could only depend on Him.

Personally – it was our 2nd year of marriage and I truly believe that 2017 was the year that was a solid foundation for what is to come in the future. Our faith was stretched and challenged, we connected in such a deeper way emotionally and our ability to be flexible was also stretched due to the fact that my mother moved in and my sister passed away and left 4 kids behind that we have had to care for.

Work – I resigned from a job I had been at for 3 years at the end of 2016 which really challenged my sanity and trust in management and how people run their businesses. I told myself that I wasn’t going to go through that again. 2017 was going to be a year of success and planting seeds that will lead to prosperity and me being a better version of myself professionally.

Health – I don’t think I was disciplined enough with going to the gym, eating healthy and just being organised. I went to the gym Monday to Friday but I didn’t really try anything new, I stuck to what I used to and didn’t challenge myself. I definitely ate a lot of sugar (I have a genuine weakness for sweets – Lord have mercy) so buying 1kg packets of sweets in 2018 is not an option.

Friendships – This is a very bittersweet topic for me because those who know me will know that I love my friends. When I get to that point where our friendship is solid I give it my all, I love hard and we are friends for life. 2017 really showed me flames in the friends’ department, because I lost some friends over situations I didn’t really have any control over and people who I thought were my friends were not.

During the time of sister’s death, I swallowed a very hard pill because I found out who my true friends really are. It’s so sad that something like death will show you people who will be there for you. The saying of, “when someone shows you who they really are – believe them” became something real to me, and I believe that our paths have come to an end.

Lifestyle – 2017 was a year of sowing into myself and starting to believe and live out the promise Christ called me to. Little seeds or inspiration were planted, a lot of reading was done where it exposed the battlefield of my minds and things I had to stop doing and thinking because they are stumbling blocks.

I was able to meet great people who sewed into my life ideas that will be paths to my success later that they don’t even know it but I truly believe that.

Overall 2017 was difficult but necessary for my growth spiritually and mentally. 2018 is a year of the seeds that were planted then to come fruition now! I am excited and look forward to sharing the journey with you all – Stay tuned!


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